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For more than 40 years,we have flexibly responded to various demands with our technologies and achievements.

For more than 40 years, we have flexibly responded to upgraded and diversified needs in the niche market like the industrial brush. We have pursued the newest technology of the time and have developed high-function brush. Tsuchiya TSCO's products enhance 'comfort and convenience' in our everyday lives and in business scenes. Based on such achievements, Tsuchiya TSCO always produces newest products that fit next-generation.

Combination of Material Development 
and Processing Technology

The foundation of brush products is made from materials.

TSCO takes seriously our choice of raw material and process technology, which influences the outcome quality of products. By the combination of material properties such as "firmness", "flexibility", "friction" and "water absorbance" and specification of yarn such as "thichness" and "density", our products effectively meet the demands of our customers. We always seek high quality materials and utilize it to our products. We are continuously repeating "research and development" for our products.

We can provide brush products in special and customized shapes and forms.

TSCO brush products are playing active parts in our life and business scenes.

Secondary Process Techonologies for Various Applications

Fields and examples of TSCO products