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1. Cupboard (anti-insect) 2. Furniture (anti-insect) 3. Window Frame (airtight, water seal) 4. Indoor Swing Door (light seal, soundproof) 5. Slide Door (door stop cushion) 6. Vacuum Cleaner 7. Shutter (soundproof) 8. Closet (anti-insect) 9. Slide Door (Waterproof) 10. Closet (anti-insect) 11. Shoe Closet (door stop cushion) 12. Entrance (dust-proof, door stop cushion)

Housing and Construction Industry

Our products are used in various places of houses and office buildings.

In a house, TSCO brushes function in various ways. Those support comfortable life with many brush applications, adding sound-proof, water-proof, anti-insect and anti-dust. As the needs to the quality of house become higher and deversified, we continue to develop new function of our brush products. We respond flexibly to individual needs for your higher living.


Various Applications inside Printing Equipment

1. Solid Lubricant Applicator Brush 2. Charging Rubber Roller Cleaning Brush 3. Toner Feeder Brush 4. Photoreceptor Cleaning Brush (Roller Brush) 5. Anti-Static Brush 6. Transfer Roller Cleaning Brush

Home and Office Appliance

TSCO brush is used in printing technoloiges such as printers, copy machines,and facsimiles.

TSCO brushes are also used in home appliance and office appliance. In printing devices, highly accurate roller-brushes are used for the cleaning of residual toner in various parts. In home appliances, brushes are mainly used for cleaning, and we have various fibers achieving high-function and design.


Automotive and Railway Industry

Product Application for Globally Known Industries

TSCO has developed original material to manufacture extrusion products that cleverly hide metal joints on automotive body. Its high-quality surface fits even metallic paints. We have also contributed to the automotive industry with our pile products which stabilizes and softens the rattling sound of side-windows.


Contributions in Up and Coming Industries

As automotive speed technology have developed, it has become more important to ensure tight sealing.

As automotive speed technology have developed, it has become more important to ensure tight sealing. Our brush product maintains tight sealing for air and water intrusion, even under severe conditions incomparable to housing. In addition, in the competitive aerospace industry, TSCO products contribute to making passenger cabin more comfortable. Brush is used to tightly seal for air and sound.