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Roller Brush

Pile spirally wrapped on shafts cleans the inside of copy machines and printers.

《Special Features》We can respond to customers’ requirement by using various function fibers. Precise cylindrical shapes are attained by the shearing technology. 《Applications/Functions》・LBP Printer/ Photoreceptor, Transfer roller or belt – Toner or paper-dust removal ・LBP Printer/ Photoreceptor – Lubricants coating ・Air-conditioner/ Filter – Dust cleaning

Sukima Brush

Vertically and uniformally aligned fibers seal gaps in windows and doors, blocking air flow and light stream.

《Special Features》・Brush shape is flat, and so it is easy to attach and doesn’t disturb the movement. ・Our long experience in pile-weatherstrip enable us to make durable products. 《Applications/Functions》・House/ Interior door, front door – prevention of wind, dust, pollen, outer hot/cold air, light transmission ・Factory/Shutter – prevention of wind and insect, from slat gap and lower part ・Rail road car/Door – Water tight, Air-tight

Extrusion Product

Molded thermoplastic elastomer functions to fit complex shapes and gaps.

《Special Features》・Our independently developed Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) has extreme durability and good appearance for automobile exterior ・Extrusion of complicated profile and combination of plural material

《Applications/Functions》・Automobile – Protector of outer parts for design and shock absorbing. ・Housing & Building/sliding door and glass louver. – Shock absorber ・Brush prodcts/Base mold – Flexibe, able to sew with, precise profile


By the combination of wear-resistant brush and flexible plastic backing, the product blocks rain and wind.

《Special Features》 ・A seal can be applied without sacrificing sliding functionality. ・Flexible, able to seal uneven surfaces. ・Good resistance against weathering and friction.

《Applications/Functions》・House/Windows and doors – Air-tight, water-tight and shock absorbing. ・Automobile/Slide window – Water seal