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Corporate History

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For Tsuchiya,
it all began with paint.

The company was founded by Kounosuke Ohara in 1950 as a paint manufacturer. He forged ties with America's DuPont, entered the automobile industry, and then established the foundations of a research and development system that could respond to high-level market needs.


1950 - 1990

December 1950
Started as Tsuchiya Yugen Kaisha at 1 Fujimi-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya
August 1953
Established Tsuchiya(Tokyo) Co., Ltd. at Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
April 1955
Established Osaka sales branch at Osaka
April 1961
Established Fukuoka sales branch at Fukuoka
August 1963
Established Tokai Chemical Co., Ltd.
January 1964
Changed the organization from limited company to stock company
November 1970
Established Tsuchiya Schlegel Co., Ltd.
(Joint venture with Schlegel Corp. in USA)
June 1971
Established Tsuchiya Decal Industrial Co., Ltd.
March 1976
Engaged Professor Tomoo Sato (Tohoku University professor emeritus and Nagoya Institute of Technology professor emeritus) as senior advisor
January 1978
Established Mizushima Branch (Okayama)
August 1978
Completed Chiryu Laboratory
September 1979
Changed Tokai Chemical Co., Ltd. to Tsuchiya Chemical Co., Ltd.
October 1979
Established Yotsuya Branch (Tokyo)
September 1981
Established Tsuchiya(Fukuoka) Co., Ltd.
July 1982
Changed Tsuchiya Schlegel Co., Ltd. to Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd.
December 1983
Established Tsuchiya Magnex Co., Ltd.
December 1985
Established Toyokawa Branch (Aichi)
August 1986
Established Joint venture TASUS Corp. in USA
July 1987
Established Tsuchiya Screen Co., Ltd.
April 1988
Established Kagoshima Branch (Kagoshima)
October 1988
Established Oyama Branch (Tochigi)
November 1988
Completed new Head Office building
August 1989
Established Atsugi Branch (Kanagawa)


1990 -

September 1992
Established Kitakami Tsuchiya Decal Co., Ltd.
September 1992
Established Kitakami Branch (Iwate)
October 1993
Established Fukuoka Tsuchiya Decal Co., Ltd.
October 1993
Established Okagaki Branch (Fukuoka)
February 1995
Capitally participated in Craft Originators Inc.
November 1996
Established Tsuchiya Trading(HK) Ltd.
April 1997
Bestowed Prize of the Minister of the Japan Agency of Science & Technology to K.Ohara,Chairman
June 1998
Established Hokuriku Branch (Ishikawa)
June 1998
Established Craft Originators de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
March 1999
Capitally participated in YAC Co., Ltd.
April 2000
Established Sendai Branch (Kagoshima)
November 2000
Completed Tsuchiya Tokyo building
November 2000
Commemorated 50th Anniversary
July 2001
Established Tsuchiya (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
July 2002
Established Tsuchiya TSCO(Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
September 2003
Established Nakatsu Branch (Oita)
January 2004
Established TASUS Texas Corp.
May 2004
Established Tsuchiya (Tianjin) Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
September 2004
Established Tsuchiya (Guangzhou) Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
January 2006
Established Tsuchiya (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd.
May 2006
Completed Research & Development Center at Aichi
July 2006
Capitally participated in BBH-Stikama, spol. s.r.o in Czech,
and changed to BBH Tsuchiya s.r.o.
January 2007
Established Tsuchiya (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai branch
September 2007
Established Kumamoto Branch (Kumamoto)
June 2009
Established Tsuchiya (Thailand) Technical & Design Center
March 2010
Established Sendai Branch (Miyagi)
May 2011
Established PT. Tsuchiya Indonesia
February 2012
Established Tsuchiya (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd., Dalian Branch
June 2012
Name changed from YAC Co.Ltd. to Tsuchiya YAC Co., Ltd.
July 2012
Capitally participated in PT.Nojima Plastic Indonesia
September 2012
Established TASUS Alabama Corporation
January 2013
Name changed from PT.Nojima Plastic Indonesia
to PT.Tsuchiya Manufacturing Indonesia
March 2013
Name changed from Craft Originators Inc.to TASUS Canada Corporation
November 2013
Established Utsunomiya Branch (Tochigi)
September 2014
Established Hiroshima Branch (Hiroshima)

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