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Message from the President, Company Principles

Creativity and Challenges

Chaiman & C.E.O. Yauyuki Ohara President & C.O.O. Koichi Ohara

Everything is possible.
Building worlds that were once only
dreams. This is our DNA.

Automobiles, housing, home appliances, electronics, IT, aeronautics and space...
Products enrich people's lives and make them more comfortable and more convenient.
New products appear and product evolution accelerates as lifestyle expectations grow and diversify. Tsuchiya embraces creativity and takes on challenges. Creativity to conceive the ideal lifestyle. The challenge to make it a reality.
We link with other companies, examine products, and create new products that never before existed. Every day across the world, people ask questions starting with "Wouldn't it be good if...
" or "I wish there was...."
We are here to answer those questions.
Our dedication to creative manufacturing keeps us moving forward, constantly.

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