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About Personal Information Protection

We establish and publicize Privacy Policy as our company's Basic Policy and Practices relating to
personal information protection as follows.

Privacy Policy

Our idea about privacy policy

Our company will protect personal information of our customers and business partners,
recognize that it is important social responsibilities to ensure their trust and reliability,
be aware of importance and responsibility of managing personal information,
comply with relevant laws etc. relating to personal information,
and make our best efforts to appropriately handle personal information assets that
we hold.

Handling of personal information

We will not disclose the contents of personal information that we have come to know
through our business to any third parties or use for undue purpose.

Purpose to use the personal information

We will collect and use our customers' personal information for the following purposes.
We will not use for all of the following purposes, but use only for the scope of purposes
that we agree with customer.

  • Customer's inquiries and/or consultations.
  • Operation relating with execution of contract with customer including accounting operation.
  • Offer of our product information including catalogue, services and plan.
  • Our contact to customers in emergency.

We will collect customers' personal information only by appropriate means, and will not collect
or use such information beyond the purpose of use.

Practice of safety management actions

For personal information of customers and business partners, we will conduct safety
management actions, which are effective and appropriate to organization, personnel, physical
and technical viewpoint in compliance with laws and guidelines, and make best efforts
to prevent loss, leakage or alteration of the personal information.


We will not disclose customer's personal information to any third parties without customer's
consent, excluding the following cases:
・in case public institution such as court or police demand to disclose based on law.
・in case particular law stipulates to disclose.
・in case there is possibility to damage lives, bodies, properties or honor of our customers
 or any third parties, and the situation does not allow us to get consent of the subject person.
・in case where any rights, properties or services of our group need to be protected from
 any actions which violate law, terms and conditions of our group or instructions, and
 the situation does not allow us to get consent of the subject person.

When a customer requests us to disclose his own personal information, we will disclose it
only when his identification is confirmed. Taking progress of information technologies
or change of social requirement into account, our company will review our Privacy Policy
and compliance programs from time to time, and will continue to improve protection of
personal information of our customer and business partners.

Scope to be commonly applied

The above Privacy Policy will also be applied to the following group companies.

Tsuchiya Decal Industrial Co., Ltd.
Kitakami Tsuchiya Decal Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka Tsuchiya Decal Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiya Screen Co., Ltd.

Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiya Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiya Magnex Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiya YAC Co., Ltd.

About Personal Information Protection

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