Seal & Fill Gaps

Flexible fiber freely transforms to fit and cover small and uneven space; It also enhances sliding functions and tightly seals against powder, liquid, and gas.

Wipe Off

Fine fibers effectively wipe off surface dust. Static makes dust cling to surface, but special conductive fiber helps to remove static and dust together.

Remove Static

Sharp edge of conductive fiber guides static energy to effectively remove, release and ground. Flexible fiber softly touches the surface and does not leave scratches.

Shock Absorb

Material flexibility and product shape effect the way an object absorbs physical impact. Our product protects the fixture from scratches and damages, as well as absorbs noise.

Our Technology

For more than 40 years, we have flexibly responded to various demands with our technologies and achievements.

Roller Brush

Pile spirally wrapped on shafts cleans the inside of copy machines and printers.

Extrusion Product

Molded thermoplastic elastomer functions to fit complex shapes and gaps.

Sukima Mohair

Vertically and uniformally aligned fibers seal gaps in windows and doors, blocking air flow and light stream.


By the combination of durable pile and flexible plastic backing, the product blocks rain and wind from door and window.

Our New Technology

We've developed high strength textile woven with basalt yarn, which made from melted natural basalt. This textile is durable and low-cost.

News releases

Palm-Size Duster

Areas of Business

TSCO's brushes are used in various fields such as Houses & Constructions, Home&Office Appliances, Automobiles & other vehicles and Railway & Aviation.