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Tsuchiya YAC Co., Ltd.

Car interior accessoriesCar interior accessories

Car interior accessories

Chemical goodsCCD cameras and truck goods

Chemical goods

CCD cameras and truck goods

Vacuum formed productsLED products

Vacuum formed products

LED products

We provide diverse goods for manufacturers and consumers, including LED products and products made with resin, plastics, and metal processing.

ODM Service

ODM Service image

We develop and manufacture
customer-branded products
based on customer requirements.

We can develop and propose products based the customers cost and performance requirements.
We can manufacture customer-branded products using production methods based on customer standards.
We can also provide various types of testing as required.

OEM Service

OEM Service image

We provide business support for
customers by selling our
designs under their own brand.

Customers can pick items that meet their needs from our extensive catalog. Specifications can be adjusted for the customer's brand before the final product is delivered. This service eliminates the need for new designs or mold production.



① Plastic molding
ABS, PC, PP, AS, PF, urethane foam, silicone, etc.
② Plastic board processing
Pressure forming, thick and thin materials vacuum forming, board bending, 2D laser machining, 3D laser machining
③ Metalworking
Pressing, vacuum machining, folding, thick materials laser machining
④ Sewn products
Various cloths can be used as foundation, and combined with EVA, sponge, etc.
⑤ LED related
From planning to fabrication; can also be assembled with plastic molded products







Tsuchiya YAC Co., Ltd.

Tsuchiya YAC Co., Ltd.

3, Hinanishi-machi, Okazaki-City,
Aichi-Pref 444-8516
Telephone 81-564-24-2421
Facsimile 81-564-24-2827

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